Fullcoin comes from the experience of Smartcash and EasyCoin, completing the range of Automated Teller Machines, and meet the diverse needs of the market.

 Fullcoin is innovation to support companies. Essential to minimize losses, errors or theft. Essential for streamline of work and safety.

No longer waiting times for deposit and withdrawal. No more uncertainty in the closing cash.

The new system sees integrated functions of deposit and withdrawal coins in a single device.
Innovations on Fullcoin make the performance of this system even safer and faster.

Fullcoin comes with 15 '' embedded touch screen; a scanner, badge reader and thermal printer, allowing full automation of each operation, and a more easy and intuitive usage.

Fullcoin, thanks to CREOM engineering, has amplified the performance of currency’s management present in Smartcash and EasyCoin.

A count rate of deposit of 1400 coins the minute, equipped with three hoppers to storage and dispensing currency (0,50c; € 1; € 2), with a total capacity of 35.000 pieces, and a dispensing speed of 1200 coins the minute.

To start the deposit and withdrawal of money, you just log on to the system with a personal badge and password. Using the integrated scanner, you can automatically insert data that identifies the operation is going to carry out.

The pouring system is separated from coin’s deposit, so as to allow access to the coin sorter device, without coming into contact with the deposited money.

Through the Ethernet network, the system Fullcoin can be connected and managed from a business management software, thus controlling in real time all deposit and withdrawal operations.

Fullcoin is designed to be connected with the device “Cashtower”, which expand its functions and performance, having the ability to deposit banknotes simultaneously.
This will give you a complete and compact Automated Teller System, which allows to reduce time and space of money management.


  • Accept and dispenses coins from 0.50 €; € 1; € 2
  • Integrated PC with touch screen 15 ''
  • Scanner Reading Bar-code and Qr-code
  • Integrated thermal printer
  • Group UPS
Specifiche Tecniche

Power Supply: 220Vac-50 Hz W250

Dimensions: 700 x 550 x 1150

Serial Interface: RS232



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